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Discover The Power Of The Alternative Board

The Alternative Board (TAB), which operates around the globe, is the world’s largest franchise system providing peer advisory boards and business coaching for business owners.  Since 1990, TAB has helped over 25,000 business owners worldwide run their businesses more strategically.

TAB Members get business advice, perspective and support as they work in facilitated group meetings with their TAB peers and when they receive business coaching from their TAB certified facilitator-coach.

Another great thing about TAB?  We are uniquely positioned to offer all of our services virtually!

Do you see yourself as a TAB Owner? Building and facilitating TAB Boards and coaching your Board Members? Find out today if TAB is right for you! to learn what TAB does and how our system benefits TAB members.

To see excerpts of an actual TAB board meeting in action and learn about the strong value proposition TAB members receive.

For a more in-depth introduction to TAB, please look at the following presentation with short videos:

Portuguese version of the TAB animated video: Alternative Board currently helps business owners in 22 countries around the globe! Contact us for master and individual franchise opportunities in Brazil and worldwide!

Nossa consultoria é especializada em expansão comercial e growth management (crescimento e desenvolvimento de empresas). Atendemos desde 1991 a mais de 400 redes e mais de 20 mil pontos de venda, o equivalente a 14% do mercado brasileiro de franquias, sendo 52 redes internacionais em 19 diferentes países.


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